zaterdag 19 maart 2016

Evaluation day

Starting 2016 I opted for the word [courage] to guide me this year. I also wanted art to play a more important role in 2016 (and beyond). It's been such an important part of my life when in Spain, and it got pushed to the background due to the move back to the Netherlands, the single parenting, new jobs, long drives, house building, etc.

Things finally started to settle and so I took the courage to start professional art school preparation classes for three months. It was great and akward at the same time. Allowing myself to play and learn, accepting this could actually be part of my live again. Walking new paths, far from my comfort zone that left me wanting to run away from this idea instantly. But I got through it and ended up with my own "gallery" of creations.

I got my work of these classes up on the walls, exhibited the 3-D work and took a look from a distance...  And... it spoke to me, to my fellow students and to the teachers... all by itself. We were asked to tell a little of ourselves and the works of art we created. I was in doubt, felt the work didn't need any explanation, but was not strong enough (yet) to just let it be... and say nothing. Say nothing... me... The person that always talks too much... And so I did what almost tend to do... talk too much.

The teachers were pleased with the results and told me I'd make a good chance if I'd apply for art school. So here I am, considering a life changing studies, considering a dream to come true.

I'll keep you posted on this adventure.

2 opmerkingen:

Fanny Benítez zei

So good to have you back here!!
And to read about your new adventures!
You are very talented, Ellen!! Go for it!!

Lola Azul zei

Un placer 'redescubrir de nuevo tu blog. Qué bonito tener el arte como algo común para compartir. Un beso muy grande.