donderdag 3 januari 2008

Walk'n in a Winter Wonderland

We saw this woman last year during our wintersport. She instantly made me smile when she got off the bus. She had this funny combination of clothes and this huge german shepperd with her. And clearly she wasn't one of the youngest, but she was seriously enjoying the snow. She just filled me with admiration. Great times! Don't wanna forget.

To make this page I used a blue/grey colored cardstock. Adhered the photos and stamped with some bubble foil and white paint to create the white dots (snowflakes). I found a peace of red velt which I used as a photo corner. Also found a tiny peace of dotted paper which looked kinda cute on top of the photo at the right. Placed the title which is mostly made with letters from the Scenic Route X-mas kit. Under the title I placed a acrylic snow flake, which I cut of a X-mas decoration which I found for 0,79 euro at Zeeman (Dutch budget store). Adhered it with some KI Memories Gloo.
Last but not least I ran into a peace of Cosmo Cricket paper which went well with the entire color scheme. Cut it at the right size and adhered it. Because the red was too dark to write my subtitle directly I first used some white ink (cat eye stamp pad) to create a clearer space. Stamped and handwrited the subtitle and stamped some brackets.

And voila, you've got a lay out done!

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Hola Ellen,
Me encanta tu página. Como ocn elementos sencilos, queda preciosa. Y la mujer,... muy elegante para esquiar!!.