donderdag 15 november 2007

How to start a scrapbooking page?

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get an idea for a layout (scrapbooking page). But there are also moments a lay out just hits me. Walking at a shopping centre, looking at a nice painting, reading a magazine (not necessarily scrapbook related) I might get inspired.

However there are days you might feel less inspired, but really want to scrap that special event and/or photo. When these moments occur you could consider scraplifting. You can scraplift someone else’s layout (entirely or just a part of it) or one of your own.
Scraplifting can also be very useful for people who have just started scrapbooking. Never heard of scraplifting before? Well, it’s a nice word scrappers use when they apply another’s page on their own. There’s nothing “cheap” about it. Most of the time your own interpretation doesn’t even come close to the original just because you have used another colour scheme, another photo or another theme. And even if it’s an exact copy: who cares? As long as you had fun making it. That's what happened to me when making this page about myself, using Stacey Julian's layout (earlier image) as a jumpstart.

I’ll leave you with two layouts where I have scraplifted myself. As both pages are from a completely different time frame, no one (including myself) will be disturbed about the similarities of the pages.
Go create, scraplift yourself or go find a page you like and make it your own. Or join the latest challenge we have posted on the forum of One World Scrap ( We invite you to scraplift one of the two selected layouts and post your interpretation in the One World Scrap gallery.

I am now off to do some scraplifting myself!

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