woensdag 26 september 2007

Workshop in Tres Cantos (Madrid)?

I thought it was about time to get my fellow neighbours of Tres Cantos scrapping. So I went to one of the creative associations here and told them about my ideas. They were completely in for it. So now I have to get some serious work done before 7 this afternoon. Need to make information leaflets and find some lay outs to present at the currently presenting show. They wanted to promote it right away and I was only pretending to get myself informed...

Well anyway, if you're living close or in Tres Cantos (Madrid), you're wellcome. It is very possible I will be doing some teaching every Friday afternoon, probably from 19.00 till 21.00 hours. I'll keep you girls (and boys) posted.

2 opmerkingen:

Maria-Helena zei

I live in Madrid !!!!!!
Contact me .. I want to know where I can go on friday !!!!

María-Helena zei

I have problem to contact you. Can you write me a mail to explain where I can see you and when ??
Thank you very much