vrijdag 28 september 2007

Taller en Tres Cantos (Madrid)

La gente de la Asociación Artesana de Tres Cantos tiene igual de ganas que yo de empezar un taller de scrapbooking. Asi, cuando tenemos el grupo completo empezamos!

Viernes por la tarde (19.00 - 21.00 hrs)
33 euro al mes (material no incluido)
Empezamos con los basicos y siguimos con diferentes tecnicas segun el desarollo del grupo.

Podeis apuntaros a la Asociación Artesana de Tres Cantos, Centro Comercial La Rotonda, 1a planta, Tres Cantos, tel. 606 241 804 o dejame un correo a ellenvangaalen@orange.nl con vuestros datos y os contactaré!

Quedan aun algunas plaza. Regístrate y reserva la tuya!

woensdag 26 september 2007

Workshop in Tres Cantos (Madrid)?

I thought it was about time to get my fellow neighbours of Tres Cantos scrapping. So I went to one of the creative associations here and told them about my ideas. They were completely in for it. So now I have to get some serious work done before 7 this afternoon. Need to make information leaflets and find some lay outs to present at the currently presenting show. They wanted to promote it right away and I was only pretending to get myself informed...

Well anyway, if you're living close or in Tres Cantos (Madrid), you're wellcome. It is very possible I will be doing some teaching every Friday afternoon, probably from 19.00 till 21.00 hours. I'll keep you girls (and boys) posted.

donderdag 20 september 2007

Yeah, finished a lay out today!

[left page] if you click on it, it will appear larger...
[right page] if you click on it, it will appear larger...

It makes me feel happy to create a lay out. This one is a double paged lay out which I made about my daughter going the park. She totally loves playing with other kids, but she just as easily plays on her own. Since the moment she could visit a park she amazes me with her sense of responsibility. Never I needed to tell her to be carefull or not to climb too high. She just really knows her limits (for now at least). That's what the journaling is about. I'm so proud of her.

Both pages are on the same sandy coloured cardstock (the photo makes it seem 2 different colours, but they are not). The left page consists of a combination of 5 10x15cm photos. The right page is printed with the journaling and has one embellished photo.

Rub-ons: Melissa Frances and Creative Imaginations
Stand-out: Provo Craft (it's the little circle on the right page)
Chipboard: Basic Grey (heart, arrow and letter E)
Patterned paper: Basic Grey
Tag: Basic Grey (it's the mat under the photo on the right page)
Dotted flower: Doodlebug
Yellow felt flower: Dutch budget store (Zeeman)

For the doodles I used 0,2 mm black STAEDLER pigment liner (on paper) and a Sakura IDenti pen for the photo on the right side page.

maandag 17 september 2007

Mini album (1)

Los ultimos dias estaba trabajando en esto. Es un album pequinita de 10x18cm sobre el tercer cumple años de mi hija Sophie. Pensaba de poder enviarlo por el concurso del verano de One World Scrap, pero la fecha de entrega ya ha pasado. Una pena, pero disfruté hacerlo y asi no me lo hecho por nada...
Despues cada pagina con foto hay o bien una pagina transparente o una pagina con una ventana. Asi se cubre un pocito la foto (sin destrozarla) y hay mas sitio para poner endornos y journaling.

Empezo con una caja de carton de IKEA y la recorté en fichas de mas o menos 10x18 cm. Redondé las esquinas del carton con un troquel (ver foto).
Usé un paper pack de Basic Grey para decorar cada pagina. Tambien usé pintura, rub-ons (Creative Memories), pegatines (7Gypsies), elementos de chipboard, cinta, tinta, transparentes y mi creatividad.

donderdag 13 september 2007

Got the photos...

...and they are just GREAT! Way to go PIXMANIA and thanks again Liana!!! I now have about 150 photos to scrap. Lots of work to be done, but first I have to do some cleaning in and around the house. Because with Sophie at home and a new born around arranging things wasn't really high on my priority list the last two months.

Already made a start today and hope to be back on track somewhere around next week. Hope to show you some nice projects soon!

zaterdag 8 september 2007

Revelado de fotos

Since using a digital camera I always had trouble finding a good printing service. Even after buying a really good camera I was still a bit depressed with the quality of the prints. For a long time a thougth it was the camera, but finally I found out it's NOT the camera. It's the printing service or more precise the quality of paper and printing technique they're using.

So, being pleasantly surprised with the quality of Liana's (another OneWorldScrap DT member) digital photos, I explored her printing service which she had used. It was PIXMANIA. So I have sent in my first order at www.pixmania.com today. You cannot imagine how excited I am to receive this experiment.

I even ordered a photo at 10x29 cm. It such a cute photo. I really hope it turns out the way I wish... I already have the idea of the LO in my head. The only thing that keeps me from making it is receiving the photo and selecting some nice scrap stuff. Ofcourse I'll show it when ready.


Cuando empezo usar una camera digital siempre tenia dificultades de encontrar un servicio de revelado adecuado. La calidad de fotos me apericio muy baja a compararla con la de las fotos anologas. Al principio pense que era la camera, pero no lo es. Por que tambien con una camera de muy buena calidad tenia los mismos problemas. Es mas la calidad de papel y el tecnico de imprimir que influen las resultades definitivas.

A ver la qualidad de fotos de Liana (otro miembro del equipo de diseño de 1worldscrap) explore su servicio de revelado. Era www.pixmania.com. Asi llego el momento que hoy he pedido mi primer revelado de fotos a PIXMANIA. Tengo tanto ganas de ver mis fotos. Espero que seran igual de bonitas que las de Liana...

Pedi una foto de 10x29 cm. Es tan hermosa (al menos es que yo pienso...) que tengo ya una pagina hecho en mi cabeza. Claro me falta la foto y los papeles para hacerlo de verdad. Pero cuando lo he hecho os enseñara.

maandag 3 september 2007

Felt the need to create...

...and made this (in a record time for me)in a spare minute before going to bed last night. Just a couple of photos, green card stock, 2 side patterned paper, stickers from Creative Imaginations and 7 Gypsies and several alpha stickers.

Got the inspiration for the lay out from Ali Edwards her book "Designing with patterned paper".

Hope you like it!