donderdag 30 augustus 2007

Pretty difficult having two kids, ain't it mom?

That's what my daughter concluded at the end of a stressfull day. I found her statement so remarkable that I just had to scrap the event. The photo I used is not made at the same day (it clearly was a more peacefull moment) but at least it is a photo of my two kids together.

The journaling tells about me running around the house trying to keep the two kids satisfied and doing the things you're supposed to do when being around the house. I was pretty stressed out when my daughter told me: "pretty difficult, having two kids, ain't it mom?"

I completely melted. My stress level reduced instantly and just wanted to embrace my baby girl! Just two minutes before I was thinking about sending her to her room or me running out of the house. Kids? Just priceless...

The patterned paper at the top left and the embellishment at the right are both Urban Lily. Using a 7 Gypsies stamp (with several key words) and a black and white pen I made the border around the petrol coloured card stock. The title is made by using Basic Grey mini alpha chipboard as a template to draw the letters on white aquarel paper (no idea wether this is acid free though...). I coloured the title and the journaling circle with aquarel pencils.
To seperate the title from the patterned paper I adhered two ribbons in between both. The title is attached with 3D foam giving the lay out a bit more volume.

donderdag 9 augustus 2007

First project on my baby boy...

Made this one as a Thank You gift for all the help I received during the last week of pregnancy and the first week after the delivery of our baby boy. It's a completely homemade mini album, using a Women's Secret (yes, the underwear store)box, some cardstock, binding rings, a Basic Grey paper pad and some Rub Ons.

If you click on the photos a larger image will appear.
I started the project by measuring the outer box and then cutting some basic (white) cardstock at the apropriate size. I used these papers as starting point to attach a photo and some patterned paper.
Later on I have put the journaling on and/or the rub-ons and/or other embellishments.
I could continue adding embellishments but I found it about time to send the gift to whom it concerned.
I always find it a bit difficult when to stop or continue adding embellishments...
Each individual page is a bit smaller dan 15x15 cm. This will give you an idea of dimensions.

dinsdag 7 augustus 2007

Design Team Member

Being an official Design Team Member since August this year I suppose I should have a blog especially for these purposes. Or at least a blog people can understand (and not only look at the pictures of my Dutch blog). I have been blogging for quite some time now, but always in my mothertongue as my blogging was initially ment to inform my mainly Dutch family and friends.

As I want to keep informing these people of my day-to-day life without having to translate it into one or two other languages I opted to open a new blog. One especially to show my creative creations. Probably mainly scrapbooking related, but once every now and then I tend to do something different and get busy with fabrics or paint. You'll see.

At least I hope to inspire you creative people and look forward to your reactions / suggestions.

Siendo uno verdadero miembro del equipo de diseño de One World Scrap España me aparece logico de tener un blog especialemente dedicada a esta actividad. Tengo ya hace mucho tiempo un blog en mi idioma materna (Holandes, pero a mucho de vosotros esta lenguaje no nice nada a nadie. Como quiero siguir informar mi familia en su idioma, abré este blog para mis amigos creativos.

Los mensajes seran dedicados principalmente a SCRAPBOOKING, pero es muy probable que presentara tambien unas otras creaciones. Por ejemplo con tela o pintura. Os vereis. Intento de inspirar a mis amigos creativos. Si teneis preguntas no hesitais de dejarme un mensaje.

Otra cosa: soy holandesa. Aprendi mi español durante un curso muy intenso de 2 semanas y despues ¨mejorandola¨ con ayuda de la television y la calle. Perdoname si hago erores... Solo intento de faciltaros para traducir los mensajes ingleses...